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Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

Dr. Davis has been involved in safety consulting for more than 25 years. He received a specialized post graduate certification in Industrial Consulting from Texas Chiropractic College and has earned several OSHA certifications. Dr. Davis has 35 years of experience in treating injured workers and has performed peer review work for several workers' compensation carriers.

Maudlin and Sons Manufacturing

  • Pre-employment screenings to determine if prospective employees were able to perform the jobs for which they applied.
  • Onsite training for back injury prevention.
  • Case management.
  • Review of OSHA logs.

Hydro Services

  • Pre-employment screenings.
  • Return-to-work examinations.
  • Back-schools and ergonomic assessments.
  • Case management.


  • Monthly safety meetings with emphasis on back injury prevention.
  • Jobsite analysis for areas with high potential of risk.

Lansco Environmental Services

  • Pre-placement screening to determine appropriate position for prospective employees.
  • Case management.
  • Review of OSHA compliance.
  • Safety meetings.

Parsons Chemical and Industrial Construction

  • Monthly safety meetings.
  • Case management.
  • Internal safety audit of warehouse and lay down facility.

Parsons Energy and Chemical Construction International

  • Safety audits performed by team, at the Sincor project in Venezuela.
  • Facility inspections.
  • Safety personnel interviews.
  • Local medical facility and local physician evaluation.
  • Medical response and protocol plans for employees and families. 
  • Case management and review of unresolved injuries.
  • Developed site specific HSE manuals for Sincor, Boqueron and Maturin projects, to comply with or exceed all international safety standards.
  • Facility re-inspection the facility and presentation of findings to site management.

UES Environmental

  • Monthly safety meetings.
  • Injury investigation and case management.

Jacobs Engineering

  • Monthly safety meetings .
  • Participation in NASA wellness program.
  • In-house exercise program to address anticipated injuries related to site-specific variables. 

Wylie Laboratories

  • Monthly safety meetings.
  • Participation in NASA wellness program.


  • Monthly safety meetings.
  • Lunch and learn ergonomic sessions.

Worley Parsons Construction International

  • Construction management personnel at the EPP refinery in Esmeraldas Equator.
  • HSE programs evaluation for the EPC contractor and the refinery.
  • Safety management personnel team.
  • Development of onsite HSE manual with staged implementation based on project completion.
  • Medical facilities evaluation for employees and families.
  • Medical management protocol creation for jobsite injuries and return to work guidelines.
  • Private hospital contract negotiation in Quito for specialty and intensive care of employees and families.
  • Ergonomic program development for engineering and office personnel.

Styrolution - Bayport

  • Site-specific/job-specific safety meetings to address health and safety concerns of operators.
  • Ergonomics presentation for management and administration personnel. 

Marathon - Texas City

  • Site-specific/job-specific safety meetings to address health and safety concerns of operators.
  • Ergonomics presentation for management and administration personnel. 

Available Programs

Site Specific Programs

Programs designed to address the risks of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Davis will perform a jobsite analysis to determine which aspects of the job have the most potential for injuries or repetitive stress issues. This analysis typically includes walking the jobsite, review of OSHA logs and employee health histories. Dr. Davis will observe employees at work and determine which job tasks and which employees have the most risk potential. Dr. Davis will then analyze the data and create a presentation in a site-specific and job-specific Power Point program.

Similar programs can be done for office workers with the emphasis on repetitive stress injuries and the effects of sedentary work. A job site ergonomic evaluation is performed and a follow-up site-specific presentation is done.

Generic Presentations

Workstation Ergonomics (10-25 min)

Workstation Ergonomics presentation reviews the basics of setting up a proper workstation utilizing existing equipment and low cost solutions. The presentation reviews the physical workstation environment and the personal postural considerations of creating a proper ergonomic workstation.

Office Injuries (15-30 min)

Office Injuries presentation reviews the different types of office injuries and goes into detail of the most common workstation injuries in regards to symptoms, causation, self treatment and professional treatment solutions.

Postural Exercises (15-30 min)

Postural exercises presentation can be performed as a power point, physical presentation or "wellness class" including full audience participation. We utilize Theraband or light dumbbell weights for basic postural exercises. This is a no sweat, no change out (except for dresses) required program!

Basic Core Exercises (15-30 min)

Basic Core Exercises presentation can be performed as a power point, physical presentation or "wellness class" including full audience participation. We utilize exercise balls to build an entire "self-care core program." This is a no sweat, no change out (except for dresses) required program!

Bone Health (Osteoporosis) (15-30 min)

Bone Health presentation reviews the causative factors, the related incidence rates and the associated risks of low bone health (osteoporosis). Most importantly, this program focuses on the positive ways we can improve bone health through healthy diet, supplementation, and exercise!

Preventing Low Back Injuries (20- 50 min)

Preventing Low Back Injuries reviews the most common causes of low back injuries, especially related to the work environment. We discuss the common issues with low back injuries, the causes, what happens in the low back during an injury and most importantly how to prevent them!

Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain (20-45)

Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain is a presentation that addresses one of our patients' most common complaints, especially related to working in an office environment. This presentation discusses the different types, causes, and problems of neck, shoulder and arm pain and how to address them.

"Wellness" (15-30 min)

Wellness is a presentation all about its name. Companies have Wellness programs, you hear the term used as a buzzword on the news and in many articles; but what does it really mean? And what does it mean to YOU? This presentation discusses many aspects of corporate and personal wellness.

Healthy Eating (15-45 min)

Healthy eating is all about the basics. Basic nutrition, basic food groups, and keeping eating healthy BASIC! We go into the basics of a healthy eating plan and how to make it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy. It's not about a "fad diet" or "counting carbs," but about an easy healthy eating lifestyle!

The 411 on Supplements (15-45 min)

The 411 on Supplements is a presentation designed to answer many questions about supplements. What are they? Should everyone take them? I've heard this is good for _________? Do I have to buy expensive ones? Are they safe? How do I know what to take? How much is too much?

Exercises for a Healthy You (20-30 min)

Exercises for a Healthy You is a presentation designed to discuss the benefits of exercise as part of a personal wellness plan. The most important thing about exercising is actually doing it! This presentation explains different types of exercise and gives some easy examples to get you started on your way!


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