Prenatal Care

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy.  The ligaments in the body are softened preparing for delivery and the body's posture and biomechanics are drastically altered during pregnancy.  The growing baby moves more weight forward into the abdomen increasing the curvature of the spine and changing the distribution of weight among the joints, muscles and discs.  This altered biomechanics causes most women to experience pain during pregnancy. 

Chiropractic works with the body's biomechanics to improve the range of motion and alleviate some of the increased stresses placed on the spine during pregnancy.  In a review of the published medical literature (33 different studies), Chiropractic care was shown to be safe and effective during pregnancy1.   

Nasa Chiropractic has a great relationship with many M.D.s and midwifes in our area and we have a lot of experience working with patients during pregnancy.  Additionally, Dr. Case Ricks is certified in the Webster Technique which is a specialty certification requiring additional post graduate training in pregnancy adjusting techniques. "The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved.2" 

1. Borggren, Cara L. Pregnancy and chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature. J Chiropr Med. 2007 Spring; 6(2): 70-74. (

2. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

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  • "I have benefitted tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Anderson. Not only has the adjustments helped alleviate my stiffness and aches, but it has helped me have more energy and just feel more balanced over all. A few months ago, I was able to resume a favorite hobby of mine: golf. Due to my previous pain, I never thought that’d be possible."