Low Back Pain

Mechanical Joint Pain


Low back joint pain is a biomehcanical problem involving a combination of joint, ligament, and muscle dysfunction leading to pain and often loss of range of motion. Low back pain will have slightly varying symptoms related to the specific area of the spine, the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, or pelvis. Symptoms of joint dysfunction usually include local pain and muscle hypertonicity related to position and/or movement. Sometimes pain may refer into adjacent areas of the body. Causes of joint pain may either be acute injuries or chronic changes in the biomechanics. Treatment includes decreasing the inflammation, pain, muscle tension and correcting the joint biomechanics. Acute care is usually followed with corrective exercises to stabilize the injured area and help protect the area from future injury. Joint dysfunction can occur in other areas of the body as well, not just the low back. If you are diagnosed with any of these issues, our doctors will work with you to improve movement and reduce pain.

Neck Pain - Cervical Spine Joint Dysfunction

Mid Back Pain- Thoracic Spine Joint Dysfunction

Low Back Pain- Lumbar Spine Joint Dysfunction

Pelvis Joint Pain- Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction


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