Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can enhance your general health by helping the body and mind function optimally. It can be an important component of your health and wellness plan. Every member of the Nasa Chiropractic massage team is licensed by the State of Texas. Massages are performed in a clinical setting under the supervision of our doctors. 

25 minute massage         $40

50 minute massage         $75

   80 minute massage         $110 

Types of Massage

You can request any of the following massage options. Speak to your massage therapist about your specific needs so that he or she can modify the massage to give you the best experience.

Swedish Massage

Your massage therapist will use light to moderate pressure to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension, leaving you calm and stress-free. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Your massage therapist will use moderate to firm pressure for a more intense massage. This type of massage concentrates on relieving chronic muscle tension and utilizing trigger point therapy to leave you feeling relaxed.

Sports Massage

This massage is a great addition to your training and helps to increase flexibility and performance. Speak with your massage therapist to indicate specific areas of injury, to enhance recovery, or to prepare for a specific event. 

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is customized for you during pregnancy. Trained massage therapists will use special support cushions and utilize safe and effective methods that leave you feeling relaxed while protecting mom and baby.

Hot Stone Massage

Your massage therapist will place smooth, water-heated stones on key points of your body. This massage will relax muscles and increase circulation, leaving you calm and at ease.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a soft tissue therapy used to release tension in the muscle and connective tissue. This particular therapy works by using negative pressure to improve the tissue motility of the skin, fascia, and muscle. When this happens, the healing process is accelerated by bringing blood and nutrients to the area. Please ask your massage therapist if he or she is qualified to perform cupping therapy and if it is right for you. Your massage therapist can discuss ways in which you can effectively incorporate cupping into your massage session. 


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