One of the goals of Nasa Chiropractic is to increase the overall health and wellness of our patients. Patient care is our first priority when it comes treating injuries, but if our care stopped at just alleviating an injury, we would not necessarily be doing much to increase a patient's overall health. This is why working with our patients to create a personal wellness program is important.

Nasa Chiropractic's approach to a personal wellness program includes looking at upgrading the overall health of our patients in three key areas: general wellness, nutrition, and exercise. Our goal is to team with patients who want to create a personal wellness program and provide coaching to upgrade these three markers of health. As a part of our coaching we will provide assistance in measuring outcomes of successful personal wellness program.

We will begin with a General Wellness Questionnaire to evaluate several key health related areas. This questionnaire will provide a "wellness baseline" that can be used to monitor your progress in the Personal Wellness Program. We will also examine your specific health goals while improving your overall wellness. In doing this, we will help you create a custom Personal Wellness Program designed to improve nutrition, diet, exercise and general wellness.

Our approach to diet and nutrition: Nasa Chiropractic believes the best way to improve health through nutrition is through a simple approach - upgrading your diet. We provide easy ways to modify your existing diet to include more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods. Making simple adjustments to your diet can make a large impact on your nutrition! We use several tools to accomplish this and will personalize our approach to work best with you. If you are looking for Dr. Julie McKechnie's online supplement and vitamin store, please follow this link: Nutrition E-Store

Our approach to exercise: Nasa Chiropractic believes in a well-balanced approach to exercise. The biggest benefit related to health and exercise comes from the first step - doing it! We make starting to exercise easy and doable for our beginners and make small adjustments for patients who already have an exercise regimen to give them a more well-balanced plan. We call our basic exercise plan "CBC," which stands for Core, Balance, and Cardio.

Our commitment to teamwork: Nasa Chiropractic will work with you and monitor your Personal Wellness Program to provide coaching, encouragement, and accountability. We also provide measurable ways of tracking your success and improvement of your general health and wellness. We will partner with you to help you achieve your personal and unique wellness goals.


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