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Nasa Chiropractic has been part of Houston's Bay Area medical community for more than 30 years. With over 40 years of experienced chiropractic care represented by our team of doctors, your choice to join the team of Nasa Chiropractic is the best choice you can make for you and your family's health needs. Our doctors serve all ages and perform detailed orthopedic and neurological exams to diagnose sports-related injuries and many other common musculoskeletal conditions. Our clinic utilizes comprehensive personalized treatment plans that are focused on quick relief, recovery, and overall wellness. We will prioritize finding the doctors who can best serve you and work with you on a plan to wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

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Some information on our website, like monthly newsletters, are written and provided by our website host and do not necessarily reflect the professional opinions of the doctors at Nasa Chiropractic.  If you have any questions please ask your doctor. We would be happy to discuss and explain our professional perspective. 

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